Sydney PREMIUM Meat Market

Australian Meat Emporium, previously known as, Establishment 218, is a retail outlet selling the finest Bindaree Beef products directly to the public at affordable prices. Australian Meat Emporium is the retail home for customers to experience the seven different styles of MSA graded branded premium beef that Bindaree Beef produces. From Marble Score Grass Fed beef to Marble Score 150 day Grain fed beef and everything else in between. The Australian Meat Emporium truly is Australia’s beef experts. By having sufficient stocks on show in store at all times customers are able to hone in on the style of beef that suits the palate and can be assured that these products would be available at all times. Our customers can enjoy the same top restaurants quality beef, at a retailer’s purchase price. Australian Meat Emporium also works very closely with producers of other species of meat such as Cowra Lamb, Arcadian Organic Meat, Rangers Valley and B.E Campbell’s Bruemar Pork. This ensures AME is stocked well seven days a week with the great variety of premium quality meat that suits all customers’ needs.

Located on O’Riordan Street, in Alexandria, Australian Meat Emporium offers customers the opportunity to select their own cuts of beef, with our Sydney premium meat market butchers on hand to slice to their specifications. Australian Meat Emporium also carries a wide range of other meat products including lamb, pork and poultry for our customers shopping convenience.


Our Sydney premium meat market offers customers the benefit of knowing where their meat is sourced, with a guarantee of quality. Bindaree Beef is committed to sourcing its beef from producers who are committed to raising and harvesting their cattle sustainably and ethically.

We value producer-consumer relationships. This relationship can impact how your food is produced, and it can also help you learn about the people producing your food, and how they do it. Visit us at the Australian Meat Emporium and know where your meat is sourced and processed.

Australian Meat Emporium is committed to maintaining excellent relationships with both our producers and consumers. We are the Sydney premium meat market built on a tradition of quality service and quality meat.