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Pork Cutlets $18.99/KG


APPROX 650-700G

    2 PACK

    Pork cutlets are a delicious and affordable cut of meat. The bone assists by transferring the heat during cooking and retaining the moisture in the centre of the meat. The flavourful fat melts into the meat while it cooks, giving it fantastic flavour. Pork cutlets are perfect for pan frying then finishing in the oven, or throwing on the BBQ. 

    Please note the product you receive may differ from the item pictured. The fat and skin have been left on to enhance flavour and allow you to create crackling.

    Please note, this item is overwrapped which means it has a shorter shelf life compared to our vacuum sealed products. All our meat can be safely frozen and defrosted.

    *This is a variable priced item. You will be charged the maximum weight range and refunded the difference once your order is fulfilled.

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    No Hormones
    No Antibiotics
    Grass Fed