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Feed The Family Meat Pack


We have put together a collection of all our family favourite products that we know our customers love. This pack is designed to make weekly meal planning easier for your family, and to take the fuss out of the question 'what's for dinner?'. 

This pack includes: 

1 x Pack Grass Fed Premium Beef Mince (Approx 950-1.1kg)

1 x 4 Pack Everyday Porterhouse Steaks (Approx 1-1.4kg)

1 x Pack Beef Kebabs (Approx 1KG)

1 x 4 Pack Free Range Chicken Thighs (Approx 700-900g)

1 x 8 Pack Grass Fed Lamb Cutlets (Approx 600-900g)

2 x 2 Pack Pork Cutlets (Approx 650-700g)

*This is a variable priced pack. You will be charged the maximum weight range and refunded the difference once your order is fulfilled.

Our Farm

No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Grass Fed