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BBQ Lovers Meat Pack


We have hand selected some of our most popular BBQ meats to bring you the perfect selection for true barbeque lovers! Take all the thought and stress out of entertaining with this BBQ Lovers pack. These are products we know our customers love, so we hope your guests will too!

This pack includes the following: 

1 x 6 Pack Italian Sausages (Approx 470-500g)

1 x 6 Pack Beef Herb and Garlic Sausages (Approx 470-500g)

1 x 4 Pack Chuck and Brisket Burger (Approx 600-700g)

1 x Portuguese Split Chicken (Approx 1kg) 

1 x Grass Fed Butterfly Lamb Leg (Approx 700-1kg) 

1 x 4 Pack Everyday Scotch Fillet (Approx 1-1.1kg)

1 x Pork Ribs (Approx 1.5-2.2kg)

Our Farm

No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Grass Fed