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Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed Beef

Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed Beef

What is Grass Fed Beef? 

Pretty much all beef that is grown in Australia will be grass fed for at least a period of time. 100% Grass Fed means that the cow has been fed grass its entire life. While some farmers choose to feed their cows grass, other farmers choose to supplement their cows feed with grain. Why do some consumers prefer to buy grass fed beef? Well generally speaking, cattle that have been grass fed all their life are free to roam on pasture and have quite a lot of space to graze. Some people also prefer the complex and intense flavour of grass fed meat. Oftentimes, grass fed cattle will not be given any hormones or antibiotics. Grass fed meat is said to have additional nutritional benefits. 

What does it taste like? 

You can normally tell that beef is grass fed by the soft, creamy and yellow colour of the fat. This occurs due to the beta-carotene in the grass they eat. Grass fed meat has a rich and complex flavour. While it can sometimes have a slightly more organic texture than grain fed beef, it has a more intense flavour. 

What is Grain Fed Meat?

While most cattle raised in Australia are considered grass fed, they may also be fed grain to support their diet. Grain fed meat means that the animal has eaten a mixture of grass and grain throughout its life. Being fed on grain exclusively can increase the amount of intramuscular marbling in the animal, and therefore make it more tender to eat. This is why some brands like ‘100 Days Grain Fed’ will advertise how long the beef has fed on grain exclusively. 


What does it taste like? 

Grain fed beef usually has hard white fat and has a more buttery flavour. It is known to have a more even texture and a much more subtle flavour.  and softer texture. 


Which one should I buy? 

The flavour profile of both meats are completely different, and it really is a personal preference. We suggest you get to know your meat and start trying similar cuts of meat that are grass and grain fed, and then you will know what type you prefer. Happy eating!