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How to break down a whole Beef Rump

Primal cuts are an incredibly economic way to shop. In this video we will take you through exactly how to break down a beef rump primal cut at home. 


The following cuts of meat come from breaking down the whole beef rump:

Rump Cap

The Beef Rump Cap (Picanha) which is one of the most flavourful and tender parts of the rump due to the thick cap of fat that runs along the top. 

Beef Rump Cap is perfect for roasting whole, cutting into steaks or skewering for Brazilian style Churrasco barbeque.  

Rump Eye

The Rump Eye is a tender cut for roasting whole or slicing into steaks. 

Centre Cut

The largest part of the rump is the centre cut. It is ideal for roasting, diced into cubes for casseroles, or sliced into strips for stir fries.  


Any excess beef and fat that is trimmed from the rump can be used in mince or sausages.