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Organic Grass Fed Bone Broth Concentrate Turmeric & Ginger


The richest, most nutrient dense slow-cooked (for 48+ hours,) certified grass fed and finished certified bone broth gelatin (NOT powder but a living, enzyme and nutrient rich gelatin) - is packed with natural collagen protein, 19 vital amino acids and 80+ minerals.  After we cook the broth we blend in organic turmeric (with 6% active curcumin), organic ginger and organic black pepper.   All you need to do is  add a cup of warm water to a spoonful of Best of the Bone for quick, delicious and nutritious broths or as a base for rich soups and amazing sauces.  

INGREDIENTS: grass-fed/finished beef leg bone extract (broth gelatin) and cartilage,   certified organic turmeric (6% active curcumin)/organic ginger/organic black pepper  and evaporated sea salt.    39 serves.  Best of the Bone - Australian made HACCP, FSIS certified.  Refrigerate after opening - will last until 'Best By' date on jar (several months).


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No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Grass Fed