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Pre-order now for your Christmas feast! The Prager Ham has been awarded Sydney Royal Fine Food Gold Medal 3 years in a rowThe Prager ham is German Butchery Traditional European double smoked ham. Their long curing and unique techniques make tasting this product an experience on its own.

Make this ham your own with a home-made glaze and roast in the oven, or serve as is for a delicious cold sliced ham. The boneless ham is pure meat and offers easy slicing and no wastage!

*As this is a variable priced item. You will be charged the maximum weight range and refunded the difference once your order is fulfilled.

Click and Collect 

Click and Collect will be available from the 1st-24th of December. 

The cut-off to get your Click and Collect order is 7am, Friday the 17th of December. 


Delivery will be available from the 1st-18th of December - *Depending on your location*

The cut-off to get your order in for delivery is 7am, Friday the 17th of December 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from everyone at AME! 



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