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Binchotan White Charcoal 2.5Kg


Made from specially selected hardwood that is dried and hand-stacked into brick ovens where the temperature is meticulously controlled at 4 stages (200°C, 400°C, 550°C,900°C) over a span of 8 weeks.

Air is then let in to create a heat spike allowing the temperature to reach an intense 1200°C. This permanently alters the charcoal’s internal structure – forming Binchotan and giving it, it’s unique characteristics.

 This is specially cut to size is to fit most Japanese style yakitori, hibachi or shichirin grills. Perfect for smaller compact Ceramic tabletop Kamado style BBQs as well.

  • 100% Natural, No chemicals added
  • Extremely dense
  • Long-lasting up to 3-4 or more hours in an open grill
  • High, Consistent heat
  • Very Low Ash, No smoke, No sparks, No odour
  • Does not break easily into smaller pieces when burnt
  • Metallic sound when hit against each other
  • When oil from food drips down on charcoal, minimal wild flames

Requires high heat to initiate burn. Can be snuffed out or dunked into water for reuse later.

Our Farm

No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Grass Fed