Read what some of our customers have to say about us below. We welcome you to come and visit AME to see what all the fuss is about!




I was in there this afternoon and picked up a brisket, pork ribs and some wood chucks.

Always friendly - always helpful.

Bryn Price


Great supports of the low and slow trend.

David Salisbury


I need this place in my life. I should take a trip to Sydney with 2 x 40kg of checked luggage in coolers. 

Hugh Mongus


It is a religious experience visit AME. You even have to don a "cloak" in order to enter the inner sanctum without being overcome by a shivering sensation. The temple of meat. 

Andy Latta

Lots of grass fed goodies! This place is amazing! The butchers are top guys as well, always helpful.
John Latimer

Amazing place! Best selection of meat. You can't beat the quality and prices.

Chau Tran


Some of the best selection of quality meat. The price is fair for this grade of meat.

Andrew Stuart


Some of the best quality produce in Sydney. Wear pants, it is very cold – you've been warned.

Adam Snowat


Great place for good quality meat at a decent price.

Henry Poyntz


Always friendly and always great meats.

Coen Ward


Great service, great staff and excellent quality!!

Edmond Abram


Can't find a butcher better than this. I love the produce you guys are offering, keep it up!

Alpha Anderson


I've been visiting 218 for over 8 months now. Excellent produce & service. The quality & price is excellent.

Ben Rowe


Only place I can find whole packer brisket in Sydney for my Texas barbecue!

Jay Rogers


Great meat at a great price.

Danny Lyons


Would not go anywhere else the meat is first class. Service is amazing. Thanks to all the staff. See you early December for our Christmas ham and pork.

Christine Formosa


Fantastic range, great service and the meat, my god the meat. Love the deli too. Hopefully popping in again today or tomorrow.

Andrew Daniel


Great, grass fed beef. Good prices. Although, I need the $20k eye fillet back! Please!!!!!

Claudia Jordan


Sourcing new meats for our charcuterie Platter- so much fantastic meat and produce at this place.

The Hunter Valley Cheese Factory Co. P/L


Who would’ve thought standing in a fridge would be so cool.

Alison Oldridge


Love this place!!! So good... So so goooood

Cameron Stewart Armstrong


Stocking up! Flying back the good stuff from Sydney!

Lewis Ng


I'm in meat heaven:-))) Stocking up on some fine grass-fed Aussie goodies. Lamb cutlets tonight:-)

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