Top Grade Fillet Free!!

6 Mar 2015 6:00 PMLicensee Person

Ben is back to tell you the news...

G’day Sydney,
It has been a while since we have touched base and let me tell you I have been on a wild ride, China is one of the craziest places I have ever been to (in saying that I have been a butcher my whole life so I haven’t seen many places other than the back of the butcher shop). What is alarming is the fact that these fellas (and lovely ladies) over here eat more pork and fish than they do beef… WHAT??? Who would have ever thought you couldn’t bribe your way through a business negotiation with a big juicy grass fed “Cape Byron Angus” eye fillet.  If it wasn’t for the legendary customers of AME, whether it be Florenda May, Guy from Randwick Rugby or even big bad Billy Hodgetts from the Alexandria Dukes, I would start to think I am crazy for trying to use meat as a bribe. I then think back to the dedicated meat eating fanatics of good old “Sydney Town" and realise that I can sleep at night due to the sheer fact that there still are great meat eaters in this world.
Although I have been spending a lot of time in China I do miss cutting Guy’s “Fernhill Road" rump early on a Saturday morning or helping Flo park her car during the AME Christmas craziness. Whilst working in China has, and will educate me in many ways and let me explore the world’s fastest growing retail market place, it is all of you extra special little family members of the AME loyalist club that have enabled me to embark on such a journey. Please rest assured that I left you in good hands when it comes to little “Wadeo” and Big “Marky”, as I see every time they post up a picture of themselves they get more likes on Facebook than I ever did. Not that it is a popularity contest on ourselves but rather, a popularity contest of the exceptional quality of our meat…
When it comes to the quality of the meat sold at AME I don’t need to go there as I truly believe all of you have experienced it enough to know.. What I would like to mention is that this week the fellas have informed me that if you buy 2 whole grass fed “Cape Byron Angus” eye fillets you get a whole “Bindaree Gold” eye fillet absolutely free…. This is an exceptionally good deal and one that might be so good it will crush my legacy…
There is this special plus many, many, more “Mega Meaty Deals” in store….

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Wade, Mark and the team have assured me that they look forward to seeing you in-store…. ( you can trust em, I do!!)
P.S the first 20 customers to say G’day to Big Marky in his little spot on the end of the cutting bench this Saturday morning will get a genuine Oil Skin “Chairman Cap” absolutely FREE!!!!!!

Until next time,



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