11 Aug 2014 1:36 PMLicensee Person

G’day Sydney, We have had such a huge taking to our Saturday BBQ that we just had to start it on Sunday’s…

I have been thinking about you poor unlucky Sunday shoppers out there who don’t get to experience the car park madness of eating a warm thick BBQ snag that has been freshly prepared in-store, topped with caramelised onions and BBQ sauce, they say that a slow cooked stew or pulled beef is a great winter warmer,… that is until you chow down on a BBQ banger in bread on an early morning visit to AME, nothing quite hits the spot like it. Anyway I was actually writing to our dedicated society of Sunday shoppers to ask you to please bare with us whilst we perfect our BBQ rituals on Sunday’s… We have a new team of young fellas doing it and it will take a while to get it up to your usual standards but we promise we will get it there. Our usual BBQ chefs young ADI and James are highly trained sausage champions that can roll a banger on a hot plate better than the best of them. There skills are needed in the shop on Sunday’s so there are a few new guys in training...

Enough of that and moving onto something that will get your taste buds dancing and your wallet singing praise as it retains it’s green backs. We have a list of specials this week that won’t blow the bank and keep you coming back for more. From the Prestige scotch fillet to the Bindaree vintage porterhouse we have some of the finest steaks in town… Then we head over to our slow cooked section and see that the free range grass fed “Fern Hill road Osso Bucco is just $9.99/kg and 150 day grain fed marble score 2-6 “J.R The Chairman”  Oyster Blade is just $12.99/kg this stuff is so tender and marbled it will give any steak a run for it’s money and it’s just $12.99/kg..

I could get even more excited and go on and on, but I will stop here to let you guide yourself through this golden list of “meaty” goodies or better still pop in-store and say g’day, we can guarantee you won’t be dissappointed.

Have a great week.

Talk soon Ben and the team at AME..

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