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15 Aug 2014 10:17 AMLicensee Person

G’day Sydney, Yes we know!!! We have been quiet for a while and this is for two reasons:

G’day Sydney,
Yes we know!!! We have been quiet for a while and this is for two reasons:
One is we realised we were annoying you very good people with too many E-mails… And we also realise that you love meat and love to share the passion with us, but sometimes our passion gets the better of us and we can’t stop talking about it, and there are normal people out there who do need a break from the world of meat ( not like us here in the AME loony bin that live, breath, speak and eat meat all day everyday).
We have taken on board your feedback and have decided to E-mail you every Thursday with our amazing list of specials … The specials will then run from Thursday to the following Wednesday so you can plan to get down here when it suits you and get involved in the madness, mayhem ,meat ,meat and more meat down here at AME. The second reason we have been laying low is because we have been working away planning something huge, so huge in fact that it has taken us all week to set this up. We are so, so excited to announce that we have been lucky enough to score a container load of hand selected 120 grain fed hormone free meat that was produced for some very fussy customers in London. Upon finishing all the selection and production process these very discerning customers cancelled the order and our team at “Bindaree Beef” was stuck with a container load of some of the best meat produced in this sun blessed country of ours.…. We, here at AME were lucky enough to be able to put our hands up and secure the whole container  at the right price so we can pass on the savings to you.So right now we are bursting at the seems with some of Australia’s most amazing meat at the best prices in town….
We have the following; (and remember this is all premium grade hormone free beef)
Scotch fillets: $18/kg usually $34.99/kg elsewhere up to $39.99/kg
Eye fillets: $20/kg usually $39.99/kg elsewhere up to $45.99/kg
Porterhouse: $15/kg usually $25.99/kg elsewhere up to $29.99/kg.
There is also a huge amount of various other cuts that we have passed on massive savings:
Brisket $7/kg great for the low and slow. For all you BBQ fanatics and smoker owners out there these are the bargain of the century…..
Rump $9/kg great on the BBQ as a traditional juicy steak, also one of the most versatile cuts of meat, stews, casseroles curries, stir fry, roasts, minced,diced,butterflied and char grilled, you name it and you can do it with a    
               Rump at $9/kg your stretching your good old Aussie dollar as far as it can go….
Topside $7/kg great for schnitzel, diced, roast or traditional Italian beef roll ups…     
Oyster Blade $9/kg great as a slow cooked roast, diced in a curry or stew or get our butchers to slice it as a fat iron steak FREE!!!!
We have all of this spectacular beef plus many more specials in-store… Please let your friends and family know this is a once a year opportunity that we have planned for 2 weeks but we have no idea when we will run out…. Please take advantage of these great deals and we look forward to seeing you in-store. And remember we are here to help, we have an array of highly trained meat experts in-store each day to help steer you in the right direction please don’t hesitate to ask a question no matter how silly it may seem. The team loves to serve and I have to keep them working to earn their $$$$ HA,HA..
Have a great weekend ,
See you in-store
Ben and the team at AME….

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