Happy Valantine's Day!

14 Feb 2015 11:41 AMLicensee Person

Gday Sydney....

Gday Sydney,
I’d like to say a special “Hello” to the happy couples walking side by side with starry eyes, knowing this is the one weekend where cupid will do his best to push along those loving feelings we all have for each other.
Happy Valentines day to all and I hope we are eating as much premium quality, Australian owned meat this weekend.

As this is what we all celebrate for one day of the year I thought I would write out something about this little ordeal.

It traces back to the time to be known as St. Valentine’s day from a few early Christian Saints.

Old Roman stories state that this certain saint who used to perform illegal weddings for the people in need, was convicted and jailed.
Before the incoming execution, he sent out one last ultimate act of love to his love. This was in the form of a hand written love letter signing off with the famous words “your Valentine”.
In association with romantic love, 18th century English would expand offerings to express their love, with such things as flowers, sweets and the written forms as we all know just as “Valentines”.
Another good one is from parts of Europe who gesture out St. Valentine’s keys as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the givers heart.
 Without melting too many hearts I can’t wait for this weekend as it has crept right up now and we are ready for all the hugs and kisses ( that’s what big Marky says happens to him) from the excited special buyers, that we are so fortunate to have here at The Australian Meat Emporium.
 I hope everyone finds that little something for his/her and we will be willing to help in any way to show you the right cut of meat or that absolute beauty of a piece that will make its way into creating the sweetest Valentine’s day.
  Wade, Mark and the Team at AME...

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