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With a heap of eye fillet in the fridge courtesy of this week's amazing "MEGA MEAT DEAL" there's plenty to get creative with in the kitchen. Whilst amazing in simple form cut into steaks, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with this pristine Angus beef.. I

G’day Sydney,
This week in our mega sized fridge of meaty madness we have cooked up (or should I say chilled down) a “MEGA MEAT DEAL” that you would be mad to miss out on.. Some people would say we're as mad as a cut snake for giving away a Whole "Cape Byron Angus" eye fillet for FREE!! That is the beauty about AME, we don’t care what other people say, we do it for our little society of obsessive lovers of top quality meat - for your show of loyalty we would like to give away a big juicy full flavored reward…  Buy 2 whole “Cape Byron Angus” Eye fillets @ $32.99/kg and get your third Whole “Cape Byron Angus” eye fillet absolutely FREE!!!!!!! Let’s face it lads and “ladettes”, this price is cheap enough already for a pristine pasture fed all Angus eye fillet from the central tablelands of NSW, but still here at good ol’faithful AME we are throwing in number three for FREE..


Also in our secret stockpile of extra tasty goodies we have the highest graded, multi award winning free range grass fed "J.R The Trinity” MSA porterhouse for just $18.99/kg. This stuff is now used in the highest quality restaurants not only on the golden sand swept shores of Australia but also all over Asia, the U.S.A and a range of other locations worldwide. It has made a name for itself by having all the tasty marbling typical to grain fed beef, despite this it is actually purely grass fed and makes for an eating sensation..
We love our meat (as if you can’t already tell) but most of all we love our customers, you guys and gals are the reason we keep coming back, and it is you great people that we want to share the absolute best with….
Please don’t miss out on these two Mega Meat Deals plus much,much more from the highest quality beef and lamb,chicken and ham,pork and veal. We have got you covered for every meal….
Have a great weekend.
Wade, Mark and the meat crazed team at AME….

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